Are Versatile Tractors good?

Poor resale value; popular only in certain regions. I think they are a good choice for budget conscious farmer that needs a high horse row crop tractor or for big operations that employ steering wheel holders. Versatile is good about addressing problems and issuing campaigns (product improvement programs).

Does versatile make good tractors?

Jay Mork recommends Versatile-Ag.

Great solid tractors, have 2, new 260 MFD purchased last fall, and one of the last 946’s (blue). Ultra reliable. … Also, get them (all of your tractors) tested at Nebraska – it will help you tremendously.

Does Ford still own versatile?

Versatile is a Canadian brand of agricultural equipment that has produced augers, swathers, and combine harvesters.

Versatile (company)

Founded 1966
Parent Cornat Industries Incorporated 1977–1987 Ford-New Holland / New Holland 1987–2000 Buhler Industries Incorporated 2000–2007 Combine Factory Rostselmash Ltd. 2007–present

Who Makes Big Bud tractors?

Big Bud was a brand of articulated tractors built by the Northern Manufacturing Co., later renamed Big Bud Tractors, of Harve, Montana, USA. The Big Bud 747 tractor was for many years the biggest tractor in the World at 900 hp (670 kW).

Big Bud.

Predecessor Northern Manufacturing Co.
Products agriculture machinery tractor
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