You asked: Is it necessary to remove shoes during flag hoisting?

Can we hoisting flag wear shoes while?

In fact, Constitution of India does not ask the person who hoists the flag to remove his/her shoes. … “As a mark of respect to the flag, the National flag should never be dipped to a person or thing, as opposed to regimental colours, organisational or institutional flags, which may be dipped as a mark of honour.

What is the rule of flag hoisting?

3.7 The Flag shall always be hoisted briskly and lowered slowly and ceremoniously. When the hoisting and the lowering of the Flag is accompanied by appropriate bugle calls, the hoisting and lowering should be simultaneous with the bugle calls.

What are the do’s and don’ts of flag hoisting?


  • When the flag is hoisted, it should be flat and horizontal. …
  • When flag is hoisted in open, it should be flown from sunrise to sunset.
  • Always hoist the flag briskly and lower it slowly and ceremoniously.
  • All people should face the flag and stand at attention, when the flag is being hoisted or lowered.

What are the things one should keep in mind while hosting the national flag?

We must respect the flag above all. The flag should be of the given standard size. Whenever the National flag is flown, it should occupy the position of honour and be distinctly placed.

  • A damaged or disheveled National flag must not be displayed.
  • The flag must not be dipped in salute to any person or thing.
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Can we hoist Indian flag at home?

The Indian flag code was modified on 26th January 2002 which finally allowed citizens of India to hoist the Indian flag over their homes, offices and factories on any day of the year. Section 2 of the new code accepts the right of all private citizens to fly the flag on their premises.

Can children hoist flags?

Here are some guidelines that you must keep in mind: Educational institutes are allowed to hoist the flag along with a pledge of allegiance in order to inspire the students. The flag cannot be used in draping cloth.

What is the punishment for disrespecting Indian flag?

by acts) the Indian National Flag or the Constitution of India or any part thereof, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years, or with fine, or with both.

Can we wash Indian flag?

Khadi or hand-spun cloth is the only material allowed to be used for the flag, and flying a flag made of any other material is punishable by law with imprisonment up to three years, besides a fine.

Is it compulsory to attend flag hoisting ceremony?

Hello, It is not mandatory to attend the flag hoisting ceremony. However, if the instruction or some invitation to this effect has been given to you then it is advised that you attend the same, unless and until there is some grave urgency.

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