You asked: How long are forks on a forklift?

Length can be given in mm or inches, common lengths are 48” inch, 72” inch and 96” inch. Width (W) = width of the fork at its widest point. Thickness (T) = thickness of the forks is measure on the shank.

How long should forklift forks be?

As a general rule Hyster recommends that your forks extend at least two thirds of the way under the load. However you must consider the characteristics of your load. Your forks would certainly need to extend completely under the load when handling unbanded or loose material.

How long are forks on a telehandler?

A: The length of the fork varies depending on the size of the lift. Common forklift lengths include 48-, 72-, and 96-in.

How much can a 5000 lb forklift lift?

A 5,000-lb. capacity forklift will lift that much weight up to 48-inch forks (with a 24-inch load center) but going out to 60 inches (with a 30-inch load center), for example, drops the capacity to 4,000 pounds.

When parking or leaving the forklift you must remove the ignition key?

When parking a forklift, slowly bring the vehicle to a stop, set the parking brake, turn off the ignition and remove the keys. If you are parking on an incline, turn the front wheels away from the downgrade so the forklift will not slide.

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Do fork extensions need to be certified?

Attachments – such as platforms, booms, cranes, grabbers, fork extensions, etc – also require inspection, and failure to comply could lead to prosecution by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). When attachments are permanently fixed to the truck, they should be inspected as part of the truck’s thorough examination.

Is a telehandler a forklift?

Technically speaking, a telehandler is considered a (ITA*) class 7 powered industrial truck, which means it is a rough terrain forklift, but a forklift in name only.

What are the 7 classes of forklifts?


  • Class I. Electric Motor Rider Trucks.
  • Class II. Electric Motor Narrow Aisle Trucks.
  • Class III. Electric Motor Hand or Hand/Rider Trucks.
  • Class IV. Internal Combustion Engine Trucks. …
  • Class V. Internal Combustion Engine Trucks. …
  • Class VI. …
  • Class VII.

What are 3 types of forklift trucks?

What are the different Forklift types?

  • Class I: Electric Motor Rider Forklifts.
  • Class II: Electric Motor Narrow Aisle Forklifts (Reach Trucks, Order Pickers)
  • Class III: Electric Pallet Jacks, Stackers, and Tow Tractors.
  • Class IV: Internal Combustion Cushion Tire Forklifts.
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