Where is the stability triangle on a forklift?

Support points lie at both ends of the front axle, with another located at the center of the rear axle. Together, this forms a “stability triangle” that operators must stay within when the truck is in motion.

Does a forklift have a stability Square?

A forklift has a three-point suspension system. The points are found over both of the two load (front) wheels and midway between the rear wheels. When imaginary lines are drawn to connect them, what’s known as the stability triangle is formed.

What can cause the stability of a forklift to change?

Turning with an elevated load

It’s a common contributor towards tip-overs because turning at the same time as raising or lowering a load causes greater force to be applied to one side of the truck than the other, reducing stability.

How much back tilt should be applied when picking up a load?

When carrying a load on level ground, the correct position of the forks is 100-150mm (4-6 Inches) off the ground and tilted back sufficiently to stabilise the load.

What is a Class 2 forklift?

Class II forklifts are electric, narrow aisle models. As the name suggests, Class II forklifts are designed with maneuverability that allows them to operate in tight spaces and narrow aisles.

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How high should a load be carried on a forklift?

The load center is the distance from the face of the forks to the load’s center of gravity. Many forklifts are rated using a 24-inch load center, which means that the load’s center of gravity must be 24 inches or less from the face of the forks.

Can a forklift tip over without a load?

Forklift Safety Rule Two: Don’t tip over. Many untrained operators assume that they can drive faster without a load, but look at the location of the CG with unloaded forks. It is much closer to the sides of the triangle compared with the unloaded location.

What steps should you take to improve stability and prevent a tip over?

Only stable or safely arranged loads must be handled!

  1. Keep the center of gravity low and avoid off-center loading. Off-center loads could cause tipover or falling loads.
  2. Slowly operate the lift truck when picking up or placing a long or wide load, or when turning with such a load.

How soon should repairs be made to a forklift?

The more you use your forklift, the more often you should have it serviced by a factory trained technician. A forklift that gets heavy use might require a forklift maintenance visit every 90 days. Be sure to keep a copy of the items inspected on file in case OSHA requests that information.

When using a different attachment How will it affect the forklift?

Because different attachments have a different effect on the forklift’s capacity and stability, it is advised to always travel at a safe speed and take greater care when manoeuvring the forklift. When selecting an attachment, WorkCover NSW advises that attachments must be: Designed by a competent engineer.

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