Where can you not park a forklift?

Post ‘No Parking’ Signs: Parked forklifts should not be blocking pedestrian routes, fire lanes, doorways, or access to first aid stations and eyewash stations. Additionally, forklifts should not be parked too close to refueling areas or anywhere near a source of heat/open flames.

Where would you not park a forklift?

Never park or leave the forklift in any doorway, entrance, emergency exit or in front of fire extinguishing equipment.

How should you park a forklift?

Parking Safety Rules

  1. Always try to find a level surface to park on. …
  2. Lower forks, or the forklift attachment, all the way to the ground. …
  3. Put the gear into neutral.
  4. Make sure the wheels are straight. …
  5. Set the parking brake every time you park the forklift. …
  6. Turn off the engine before dismounting the forklift.

Can you park a forklift on an incline?

A forklift should never be parked on an incline. If the forklift becomes disabled on an incline the wheels should be chocked to prevent any accidental rolling until repairs can be completed. Lower any load to the ground when parking the forklift.

Can you leave keys in a forklift?

Never leave an operating forklift unattended.

In fact, leaving keys in an unattended forklift (or, thus, leaving on the ignition of this vehicle) is illegal, and has dire consequences as a safety hazard, even without the actual occurrence of an accident. Know and never exceed the lifting capacity of the forklift.

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When parking or leaving the forklift you must remove the ignition key?

When parking a forklift, slowly bring the vehicle to a stop, set the parking brake, turn off the ignition and remove the keys. If you are parking on an incline, turn the front wheels away from the downgrade so the forklift will not slide.

Why is a forklift less stable with a raised load?

Operators need to understand that the higher you raise the load, the closer the CG comes to the edge of the pyramid and the forklift loses stability. Making a turn or braking sharply with a raised load is a dangerous and expensive way to learn about the stability pyramid.

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