Where can I charge my scissor lift?

Find the battery charger in the scissor lift. Oftentimes, the charger is located on the right side of the lift’s base. But, there may be instances in which the charger is mounted in the lift’s rear. From here, plug the charger into an AC extension cord and plug the cord into an electrical outlet.

Can I charge a scissor lift with a generator?

The 48V electrical system delivers plenty of power and working time. … For units that will be used where there is no plug-in power, or that will work multiple shifts daily, the optional onboard gasoline-fueled charging generator can recharge the batteries while the lift is in use.

How many amps does it take to charge a scissor lift?

If this is a small scissor with 4- 6 volt deep cycle batteries the charger should start at around 25-30 amps and finish at around 5-7 amps if the batteries are in good condition.

How long does it take for a JLG scissor lift to charge?

Recharging Instructions for all Scissor Lifts:

Recharge for a minimum of 6 hours between uses. Machine cannot be charged and run at the same time.

How many batteries does a scissor lift have?

Smaller booms and scissor lifts will typically have four, 6V batteries, while larger machines will include a bank of eight, 6V batteries.

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Can a scissor lift get wet?

Wet conditions mean slippery conditions for both the wheels on your scissor lift hire and for the staff working on them. As most access equipment is made primarily from metals such as steel, when these surface materials get wet, there is very little traction for those on board.

How do I know if my scissor lift is charging?

The charger will automatically begin charging the batteries within the scissor lift. The lights will turn green when the batteries are fully charged. The charger will automatically shut off. On older models with a meter, the charger will automatically shut off and the meter will read zero volts when fully charged.

How long does a lift take to charge?

Charging time is approximately 12 hours for the first few charges, 4 hours after the first two full battery cycles, at which point the battery will reach maximum capacity. The lift comes with a battery charger for use in dry locations.

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