What is the correct behavior when driving a loaded forklift up an incline?

The right way up or down a slope When using a forklift on any ramp or sloped ground, the fork should always be driven straight up or down the slope. Steep slopes are best avoided. The load should always face uphill; if the forklift is travelling up the hill, the load faces uphill.

How do you drive a forklift uphill?

If you have to go up or down a slope, always do the following:

  1. Drive the forklift straight up or down the slope.
  2. Avoid steep slopes.
  3. Make sure the load always points uphill.
  4. When going down a slope, be careful about the load falling off.

What direction must the load be in when going uphill?

Always drive straight forward when going uphill. So never drive uphill diagonally and never start turning on a slope. When loaded, the load must be in the highest position in relation to the slope (forwards uphill and backwards downhill).

How much back tilt should be applied when picking up a load?

When carrying a load on level ground, the correct position of the forks is 100-150mm (4-6 Inches) off the ground and tilted back sufficiently to stabilise the load.

When traveling with empty forklift the forks should be in what position?

When travelling in an empty forklift, the forks of the lift should be in the position of waist high.

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Can a forklift tip over without a load?

Forklift Safety Rule Two: Don’t tip over. Many untrained operators assume that they can drive faster without a load, but look at the location of the CG with unloaded forks. It is much closer to the sides of the triangle compared with the unloaded location.

How should you drive an unloaded lift truck on ramp?

What should you do to load (unload) vehicles using a forklift truck?

  1. Keep forks pointed downhill when traveling without a load on a ramp.
  2. Keep forks pointed uphill when traveling with a load on a ramp.
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