Quick Answer: How much space do you need between forklift racks?

If you have a wide aisle forklift (a sit-down counterbalanced truck), generally your aisles should be 12-13 feet wide for standard 48 inch pallets. If you have narrow aisle trucks, the aisles should be 8-10 feet wide, and for very narrow aisle trucks they can be 6 feet or less.

How much space do you need between forklift pallet racks?

As a rule, sit-down counterbalanced forklifts need aisles at least 12 feet wide to handle standard 48-inch pallets.

What is the minimum clearance between pallets and a racking structure?

Set and enforce adequate handling clearances between pallet loads and the racking frame around them. SEMA specifies a minimum clearance of 75mm between the top of the load and the beam above and on each side. These are absolute minima and the more clearance you can allow, the safer your operation.

How much space do you need to maneuver a pallet jack?

Aisle Dimensions Needed for Pallet Jacks

Retrieving your pallets with an end-controlled rider pallet jack? If so, you’ll work with narrow aisle dimensions of around 9 feet to 11 feet. Newer, electric models require only around four or five feet of aisle space!

What does EE mean on a forklift?

An EE rating means that any electrical component that creates a spark is enclosed, such as the motors and contactors. An EX rating designates that the machine is spark proof. Type EX units are specifically tested and classified for use in explosive hazardous locations.

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What’s the fulcrum point of a forklift?

Every forklift maintains its balance while carrying a load by using a cantilever system positioned on a fulcrum, which is the machine’s front wheel axle. The fulcrum, or pivot point, is the dividing line between the machine’s weight and the load’s weight.

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