Is a boom lift the same as a scissor lift?

A boom lift extends a worker in a small bucket both vertically and horizontally – that is, they extend beyond the wheel base. A scissor lift, meanwhile, only goes straight up vertically. Both types of equipment require boom and scissor lift certification.

Is Aerial lift same as scissor lift?

Per OSHA, a scissor lift is a mobile scaffold for which the platform only moves vertically. An aerial lift is any vehicle-mounted work platform that can move vertically and/or horizontally. Some aerial lifts can even rotate around a vertical axis. … This is also why aerial lifts are extremely hazardous.

What is another name for a scissor lift?

Sometimes you will hear of a scissor lift referred to by one of these names for its technical classification: Mobile, elevated work platform (MEWP) Aerial work platform (AWP) Elevated work platform (EWP)

Are scissor lifts aerial lifts?

Scissor lifts are not aerial lifts, are considered scaffolds. Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Do you need to be tied off in a scissor lift?

Workers on scissor lifts must either be tied-off or protected by guardrails. … Scissor lifts are not addressed in that ANSI standard; consequently, they are not covered by the Aerial Lift standard. Since they are a type of work platform, they are covered under the scaffold standard, §1926.451.

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Can anyone use a scissor lift?

Yes, you do. Scissor lifts can be dangerous and can cause accidents leading to personal injuries as well as structural and equipment damage. Current regulations state that all personnel who work with or near scissor lifts must be trained and licenced.

Why is it called a boom lift?

In 1951, Walter E. Thornton-Trump, nicknamed Ted, invented boom lifts to make working in high places easier. … Thornton-Trump called the boom lift the Giraffe, but the name cherry picker stuck because people often used it to pick fruit, including cherries, from tall trees in orchards.

Is a cherry picker a boom lift?

A cherry picker is also known as a boom lift. This machine is a mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) that relies on a hydraulic lifting system on a telescopic arm with a flat surface or bucket at the end. The bucket or flat surface is where people or equipment can be transported up or down.

How long do boom lifts last?

As long as the scissor lift is taken care of properly with regular maintenance, they should last about 30 years. The hours record differently than other machines such as forklifts that would count idle hours.

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