How much does a Kubota front end loader weigh?

Kubota lists it at 121 pounds.

How much does a front end loader weigh?


Base weight 1498.4 kg
Bucket weight 372 kg 821 lb
Lift capacity at full height Measured at pivot (U) 2348 kg 5176 lb Measured at 800 mm ahead of pivot (V) 2189 kg 4829 lb
Lift capacity at 59 in. (1500 mm) Measured at pivot (W) 2686 kg 5922 lb Measured at 800 mm ahead of pivot (X) 2531 kg 5580 lb

How much does a Kubota 525 Loader weight?

The weight including the main frame, rigid bucket 54″, and front guard, is listed as 474 lbs. Lift capacity at pin max height listed at 1146 lbs.

How much does a 60 Kubota bucket weigh?

The CB0550 Combination Bucket fits Kubota 60 and 70 Series BX Front Loaders. It features dual 2 x 6 cylinders, 1″ jaw pivot points, 30″ jaw opening, spill screen, reinforced side plates, and optional 3rd function valve. It weighs approximately 260 lbs. so lifting capacity of the tractor is not greatly diminished.

Is a front end loader a bulldozer?

A bulldozer will most likely be on tracks like a tank. … As a result, the bulldozer will usually require a flatbed truck to transport it from site to site. The front end loader on the other hand is on wheels, and can drive short distance on the roads dependent upon road weight rules.

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How much does a 50 hp Kubota tractor weight?

Kubota L5030

Dimensions & Tires
Wheelbase: 75.4 inches 191 cm
Weight: 3705 to 4090 pounds
Front tire: 9.5-16
Rear tire: 14.9-26

How much does a Kubota L3901 with loader weigh?

Kubota L3901

Dimensions & Tires
Wheelbase: 63.3 inches 160 cm
Weight: 2590 to 2778 pounds
Front tire: 5.00-15
2WD Rear tire: 11.2-24

How long is a Kubota L3901 with loader?

Kubota L3901 Compact Tractor Specification

Overall length (w/o 3P) 110.6in. (2810mm) | 107.9in. (2740mm)
Overall width (min. tread) 55.1in. (1400mm)
Overall height (w/Foldable ROPS) 91.7in. (2330mm)
Wheelbase 63.3in. (1610mm)

How much does a Kubota l4701 with loader weigh?

Kubota L4701

Dimensions & Tires
2WD Wheelbase: 72.8 inches 184 cm
4WD Wheelbase: 72.6 inches 184 cm
Weight: 3219 to 3307 pounds
Front tire: 7.5L-15

How much does my Kubota tractor weigh?

Operating Weight – An average compact tractor weighs 3,527 lbs while this model weighs 2,403 lbs, 32% less than its average competitor. If working on loose ground is integral to your decision, this model is certainly worth considering.

What is stall guard on Kubota tractor?

Stall Guard is Kubota’s trade mark for load sensing. Stall Guard is simply a result of the ECU sensing that engine RPM’s are dropping. Then the ECU tells the variable displacement pump, to pump less oil to the drive motor so that the engine will not stall out.

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