How much do crane operators make an hour?

State Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Kansas $43,649 $20.99
South Carolina $43,474 $20.90
Iowa $43,467 $20.90
Colorado $43,331 $20.83

What is the highest paid crane operator?

Crane and Tower Operators obtain the highest pay in Nevada, where they get job pay of close to $74180. People in this category of job can obtain the highest compensation in Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services, which has average pay levels of $56730.

How much does crane workers get paid?

Crane Operator Salaries

Job Title Salary
Global Cranes Crane Operator salaries – 70 salaries reported $41/hr
Insitu Construction and Maintenance Crane Operator salaries – 56 salaries reported $47/hr
Marine & Civil Crane Operator salaries – 56 salaries reported $47/hr

How much do high rise crane operators make?

Tower Crane Operator Salaries

Job Title Salary
Global HR Tower Crane Operator salaries – 2 salaries reported $43/hr
Seahaven Services Tower Crane Operator salaries – 2 salaries reported $6,253/mo
Watpac Construction Tower Crane Operator salaries – 1 salaries reported $6,845/mo

Is crane operator a good career?

Choosing to pursue a career as a crane operator can be an excellent career choice if you know where to begin. The fact is that it’s a competitive industry, and there will be many qualified candidates jostling for the same positions you are.

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Are crane operators in demand?

Today, Crane Operators are in high demand. … According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Crane Operator jobs are expected to grow 8% from 2014 to 2024. This is slightly above the national average for the universal job market, but well above the national average for highly skilled jobs.

What is the best crane operator school?

Nationwide Crane Training is the go-to crane operator training school in the USA with over 11 years as an industry leader. We’ve designed classes that take anyone from the novice to an NCCCO certified crane operator quickly.

What profession has the highest hourly rate?

Highest-Paying Hourly Jobs

  • Orthodontist. …
  • Copywriter. …
  • Senior creative director. …
  • Psychiatrist. …
  • Veterinarian. …
  • Simultaneous interpreter. …
  • Product reviewer. …
  • Commercial video effects artist.

What job has the highest hourly wage?

Jobs That Pay $100 (Or More) Per Hour

  • $100+ Per Hour Jobs. Jobs that pay $100 an hour or more aren’t easy to come by. …
  • Underwater Welder. …
  • Anesthesiologist. …
  • Commercial Pilot. …
  • Tattoo Artist. …
  • Arbitrator. …
  • Orthodontist. …
  • Freelance Photographer.

What is the highest hourly pay?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing hourly wages as high as $121.15 and as low as $12.74, the majority of Highest wages currently range between $37.50 (25th percentile) to $72.12 (75th percentile) across the United States.

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