How does attachment affect the capacity of the forklift?

Adding a forklift attachment reduces the lifting capacity of the truck due to the additional weight of the attachment itself and because an attachment typically moves the truck’s load center farther forward. As the center of gravity moves forward, the maximum load weight must decrease to prevent tipovers.

What effect does a jib attachment have on a forklift?

Jib / crane attachments are slip-on attachments that allow the forklift to pick up loads through a lifting eye or by using slings. There are different types, for example fixed jibs, short tilting jibs and long tilting jibs.

How does boom extension affect lifting capacity?

Safety Tips for Using Forklift Extensions on a Forklift

Fork extensions can also increase the load center by moving the load further away from the fulcrum point. This puts a truck at greater risk of a tip-over. … Review the forklift’s weight capacity and avoid overloading your forklift.

Where do you find the rated capacity on a forklift or any attachment used?

This rated load capacity is listed on the forklifts name plate or load capacity data plate.

What attachments can be fitted to a forklift?

7 Most Common Forklift Attachments Explained

  • Sideshifter. Side Shifters are one of the most common attachments used today. …
  • Fork Positioner. Fork Positioners allows the forklift forks to be positioned hydraulically. …
  • Paper Clamps. …
  • Push/Pull Attachment. …
  • Multiple Pallet Handler. …
  • Fork Extensions. …
  • Rotators.
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How is forklift capacity calculated?

The maximum Load Moment for a truck is derived by multiplying the weight rating of the forklift by the center load distance. If we multiply the 5,000-pound capacity of our theoretical forklift by its 24-inch center load, we arrive at a maximum Load Moment of 120,000 inch-pounds.

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