How do you tell what year a Caterpillar Forklift is?

How do I find out what year my Caterpillar Forklift is?

How to Find the Year of Caterpillar Equipment

  1. Find the product identification number. The engine’s serial number plate is usually found on the right rear side of the left cylinder block. …
  2. Write down the PIN. …
  3. Call your local Caterpillar equipment dealer and ask them to date the product by the PIN.

Where is the VIN number on a forklift?

VIN Number Location: On smaller models, on the left side at the rear, under the left support arm, same as Caterpillar. On larger machines on the left (highway) side behind the cab towards the rear of machine under the left lift arm.

How heavy is a cat forklift?

Caterpillar C5000 forklift weighs 8,157 lbs or 3707 kg. Yale GLC050 forklift weighs 9,016 lbs or 4098 kg.

What motor is in a cat forklift?

Mitsubishi, Caterpillar, and Nissan forklift divisions began using the Nissan K21 and K25 engines several years ago. Typically fitted with a Nikki LPG fuel system, these forklift engines have proven fairly reliable. K21 is 2.1 liter displacement; K25 is a 2.5 liter displacement engine.

What does the D stand for in caterpillar?

In October of 1931, Caterpillar began production of the world’s first diesel-powered tractor—the Diesel Sixty. … It’s possible it stood for “Rudolf Diesel”, the inventor of the diesel engine.

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How do I know what kind of cat motor I have?

Most engine serial numbers can be found on the dataplate, which is typically on the driver side of the valve cover. Not all engines are consistent in where they put these information plates. The dataplates for a certain type of engine can be found in various places depending on the model.

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