Did forklift driver survive?

Forklift Driver Survives Being Buried For 55,000 Tonnes Of Cheese For Eight HOURS. A man has survived after being buried for eight hours under 55,000 tonnes of cheese. Forklift driver Tomasz Wiszniewski was trapped after large metal shelving collapsed inside a warehouse in Linstock, Shropshire on Friday.

What was Loren’s accident?

Last year, on September 27, Schauers lost both his legs and his right forearm in a construction accident. The 19-year-old was driving a forklift in Wilsall, Montana, for a bridge construction rehabilitation project when a car illegally tried to pass him.

What happened to Loren in the accident?

Loren had completely lost his right forearm and hand in the accident and broken his right collarbone and shoulder. … His lower body had been crushed in the accident and Loren made the brave decision to have hemicorporectomy surgery where everything below his waist was amputated.

Can you survive with half a body?

Apart from the very low likelihood of surviving such an injury, even an operative hemicorporectomy is unlikely to be successful unless the patient has “sufficient emotional and psychological maturity to cope” and “sufficient determination and physical strength to undergo the intensive rehabilitation”.

Are Sabia and Loren still together?

Loren Schauers, 19 years old, lives in the city of Great Falls, Montana, has a happy life with girlfriend Sabia Reiche. They used to plan to get married next year and will have many children.

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